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    /pəˈtoʊ mək / net wək/

    Potomac is a river of swans, a place where people trade; the river flows eastward, forming the boundary between Maryland and Virginia, to the Chesapeake Bay; It is a term sometimes used to refer to Washington, D.C.


    Getting multiple buyers for a business is very important, so that the seller has a much better chance of getting fair market value for the business and getting better terms and the risk of not closing a deal is minimized. Potomac Network has systems to bring a business to potential buyers both on our existing database and to the general public, while always maintaining everyone’s confidentiality and professionalism.


    Potomac Network ​is a fast growing firm comprised of experienced professionals including merger & acquisition professionals, investment bankers, business consultants, management coaches, and data marketing professionals. We also maintain a network of legal counsels, wealth managers, CPAs and bookkeepers, commercial real estate brokers, and deal specialists who possess a wealth of experience in their practices. We are proud members of various local chambers of commerce as well as numerous business to business network organizations.

    "I just wanted to share a quick note to let you know that your team did a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. You advised me to set a realistic expectation that lead to a successful transition.

    - Clayton B., Warehouse Merchandise Distributor

    With you on our team doubts were cleared along with questions answered. The process was step by step explained in detail. You are informative and help shepherd our company through the sale.

    - Heather W., Federal Contractor

    The completion of the sale of my business took over a year. You helped me stay focused and took several basic steps to ensure that my business was ready. I still recall how you were so instrumental in making this a solid sale, and I have always been so appreciative.”

    - Kenny L., Auto Repair Business

    You facilitated the sale process by taking this to local lending and getting that through third-party financing. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into making this transaction come together.

    - Jay M., Residential Property Management Company



    • Our superior operation model enables less brokerage commissions.


    • We manage the entire process from valuation to sales closing so our clients can mind their own business.


    • Potomac Network is partnered with third-party lending institutions to help secure the capital needed to make the purchase.


    • We maintain strong relationships with other professionals who have specialized knowledge about niche areas that may be desired to help grow your business.


    Let’s face it, selling a small business can be a real challenge. It takes a great deal of time and effort. And, that’s not part of the budding entrepreneur’s day-to-day activities, nor is the busy business owner’s. At Potomac Network, we use the largest network in the industry and our proprietary database of potential targets, to reach out to the widest pool of potential sellers or buyers, allowing you to get to the goal-line faster. We not only take the confidentiality of your transaction very seriously, but also, we manage the entire process from the beginning to the end. When a buyer uses a broker he enhances the credibility of the transaction in the eyes of the seller. It makes good sense to use Potomac Network.

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